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Ki Quest Kids Aikido

 Empower Yourself! 


The Japanese concept of Budo (martial path or way) is the idea of using martial training as a tool for self-improvement, transformation and spiritual development. Budo is a method by which we develop strong physical skills while also developing a strong Spirit.

The fundamental purpose of Budo is to learn, that at a base level, a lot of what we do is driven by fear and aggression. By recognizing this fact, and then journeying on a path to remove these negative influences from our lives, we become stronger, more compassionate and more deeply engaged with those around us. On the whole, Aikido is about fostering good relationships; first with ourselves, and then with others.

Aikido loosely translates to "The Path or Way to harmonize with the Universe." Aikido is a true Budo and the benefits of study are many. How you study Aikido and the benefits you gain are completely in your hands. You can and will take yourself beyond your current limitations, re-invent yourself and become a new person with a stronger sense of Self and a stronger more compassionate Spirit.

That being said, Aikido is not a Religion, and we do not practice it as such. Your training will involve the mastery of physical skills, by which you will come to realize the other aspects of Aikido as you improve and deepen your study. By learning that physical strength and aggression can easily be used against you, you will come to see the power and effectiveness of a unified body with the power of a compassionate and self-aware Spirit.

One cannot be achieved without the other.

The tangible benefits of practicing Aikido are many:

  • Improved health
  • Improved focus
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved discipline
  • Improved balance and movement
  • and countless others.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. The study of Aikido is about YOU. Begin your journey NOW.

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We have Moved!

Our new location is 121 Wyndham St Unit 103 Guelph.

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